Trust the timing of your life


I feel this is a post I should have written a few months ago because it totally sums up how my life has been over the last few months. It’s amazing how your life unfolds in ways you never predicted hey. You just never know what’s gonna happen next in your life and I guess that’s part of the beauty of it. Last year I was working at a gym as a personal trainer in the City. Life was good. I had a great job in a great gym in the heart of London and I made some amazing friends within my workplace. Friends that I am still very close with. I truly believe that people come into your life for a reason and at certain points in your life because they teach you something. Or you teach them something. Or you help each other to become better people. There were a few people I worked with that are now such significant and important people in my life and I am very thankful for that. A few of them have really helped me on my spiritual journey, given me more confidence in who I am and reminded me that anything is possible with belief. Again, I am grateful for that.

Thing’s then went a little bit weird in my life (I don’t really want to go into detail because it’s in the past now). But they went a bit weird and at the same time I had planned a trip to Dubai with one of my best friends. The holiday literally couldn’t have come at a better time. We had the BEST trip ever!! My god, I had needed it. We did sweet f**k all for the whole holiday apart from sunbathe, relax, eat and party! IT WAS AWESOME!! Before the trip I decided to line up an interview for when I was out there. Just for a laugh really. I didn’t actually think I was going to get the job! But yeah so I lined up a personal training interview before I went and much to my surprise, I got the job! I was absolutely over the moon! What a perfect way to escape the weirdness back home and start a new life. A new chapter. A fresh start. It felt right. I told the whole world and his wife that I was going and literally couldn’t pack up my stuff fast enough! But obviously I had to wait a few months for my visa to be processed. They predicted it would take about 3 months to go through. It was too long to wait! Mentally I was already there.


Anyway, what happened over the next few months I would never have predicted. It’s funny how we think we know ourselves so well and we think we know how we are going to react in any situation, because we really don’t. I still constantly surprise myself. So at the time I was living out in Surrey and commuting into London everyday. It was a bit of a ball ache of a journey that I guess I had just become used to doing. But anyway, because I was set to move to Dubai, I decided to rent out my flat and move in with a friend in London while I was waiting for my visa to be processed. I packed up my life in Surrey, got rid of a load of useless s**t that I never used and basically got organised. It felt great to get so sorted and get rid of all my clutter. I took a load of stuff to charity and narrowed my belongings down to a few suitcases (quite a few to be honest but girls will be girls and I think I had 2 suitcases just full of shoes!). Anyway I waved goodbye to Surrey and thought I wouldn’t be back for a while. I moved in with my mate temporarily and started working at a local gym to keep the cash coming in while I was waiting for my visa. Everything felt a bit up in the air because I was living out of suitcases, unsure of when I’d be making the big move. But it didn’t matter. Because I was going to Dubai to start a new life.

I quite quickly fell into a nice little routine where I was and my daily runs that I had been doing for years, were now by the river thames. My favourite river in the world. There’s something about that river that I’m obsessed with. Maybe it’s because I spent a lot of my childhood by it when my dad used to row. But I love it. There was no better way to spend my mornings as far as I was concerned. “I won’t get this when I’m in Dubai”, I kept thinking to myself. It would be too hot to run outside. I googled a few indoor running tracks out there and thought that would work out ok. Anyway, the thing that had been weird in my life was now not weird (unlike how I sound right now:)) and I started to feel more like myself again. I was in London. My birthplace. I could hop on a bus to just about anywhere in the city and sit on the top deck with my music playing. I could run by the thames everyday. I could see my family at the weekends. “I won’t have all this when I move away”, I thought to myself again.


The gym I was now working in was awesome. Business was growing fast and my new colleagues were lovely. There were about 20 of us in total and all of us were super different but super close. Like one big family. It all seemed too good to be true. But it was real and it was happening. I had now made new friendships in my life that I really didn’t want to lose. My life felt good. I felt content. I had massively downsized my life to one bedroom in a flat share close to work. Everything was simplified. I knew exactly where everything was in my bedroom and I had far less “stuff” than I had before. But it felt f**king great to be living so simply. It’s amazing how little we need to be happy really.

So anyway, you probably know what’s coming. I didn’t want to go to Dubai. It no longer felt right. I didn’t want to upheave my life and start again in a new place when everything was going so well in London. Previously, when I had been imagining myself on the beach out there, the thought of it had made me feel really excited. But I didn’t have that same feeling anymore. My Dubai job emailed me to say that I’d be out there within the month. Holy sh*t! I didn’t wanna go. And I hadn’t even started looking for accommodation out there yet. Pretty symbolic I thought. So long story short (this was definitely the long version) I pulled out the visa process. I axed it. Didn’t wanna go, ain’t going, staying in London, I’ll scream and scream till I’m sick (no idea).

So here I am. Sitting in a coffee shop in South-west London in between personal training clients. And I wouldn’t wanna be anywhere else right now. I love this city. And I love my friendships. Life is about the people. The people you spend most of your time with. Whether it be your friends, partners or your family, life should always be about the people. My life is exactly how it should be right now. I truly do believe that everything happens for a reason. And that you have to trust your journey with all its twists. I also believe that living your life from your heart never fails you. The more I listen to and follow my heart, the happier I feel. Trust the timing of your life. You never know what is next but you’ve just gotta trust it. The centre of the earth can be anywhere you like. (That’s actually a Tom Hardy line from the movie Legend but ssssshhh).

Thanks for reading and speak soon,

Hannah xx



We are where we want to be

I often ask my friends and myself the question “If you could picture your life in any way at all and be doing anything you want in any country in the world, what would your life look like?”. They are often surprised by their answer. Because most of them say that actually they would be doing exactly what they are doing right now in their life. And in the place that they are already living in. And despite perhaps a few small differences, like having more money etc, they are in fact doing exactly what they want to be doing.

Take me for example, if I ask myself the question “How do you want your life to look at this precise moment if you could be doing anything at all and living anywhere you want in the world?”. “What would your life look like?”. The answer is that I would be doing EXACTLY what I am doing right now in the place that I am indeed living in. My life would be in London, as it is now. And I’d be writing. I’d be expressing myself through words every day in order to help others. Because that is what makes me happy. My reality? I am writing of course. Right now and every day.

Ultimately, happiness for me lies in helping others. This is what makes me tick. I am also a personal trainer and indian head massage therapist by profession. Over the last 8 years of being in this industry, I have helped 100’s of people reach a number of their goals. I have made a positive difference to their lives. And if someone would ask me how I would want my life to look and what I would be doing in my dream life, I would tell them that I would be helping others on a daily basis to become happier and healthier. And that is again, exactly what I am doing right now. I am therefore living my dream life. Although I sometimes forget that. What a blessing that is.

So the moral of the story my dears, is that we are often striding through life trying to reach goals and aiming for something which we probably already have. How awesome is that? I mean of course it would be great if perhaps I was being paid to write and that would really be a dream of mine come true but I love writing so much that if someone told me that I would be writing for the rest of my life and I would never make a dime from it, I would still be a very happy bunny. And I would just feel lucky that I even had the chance to be able to write. (If anyone is reading this that would like to pay me to write stuff though, absolutely go ahead ;)).

So there we have it. Relax my friends. Your life is exactly how it should be at this moment in time. Enjoy it.

Thanks for reading and have a blessed day,

Han xxx